2026 Honda Pilot Review: The Next Generation Full-Size Family SUV

2026 Honda Pilot is a family-friendly SUV that has become Honda’s icon of glory and is expected to undergo significant changes from the previous year in terms of interior design, exterior and engine performance.

With the expected changes to the All-New 2026 Honda pilot, the three-row SUV model can be the best in its class by offering quite amazing engine performance. The 2026 Honda Pilot is expected to come with six trims offering front-drive (FWD) as well as all-wheel drive (AWD), which can be chosen according to the requirement.

In addition, there are some basic differences between the lowest level and the top level; the most distinguishing thing is the level of feature comparison presented by Honda. Of course, the presence of this feature is able to provide comfort and functionality that can help drivers when maneuvering with the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot.

With a series of changes that are expected to present better than the previous year, of course, we are very sure that many people will like the 2026 Honda Pilot, and of course, this can increase competitiveness and be the right choice for those of you who are looking for a sturdy SUV and suitable for families.

Not only that, the presence of the 2026 Honda Pilot TrailSport and Black Edition is also something that Honda Pilot fans are looking forward to. Previously, the changes that were present in these two trim models had given such a positive impression. Hopefully, the 2026 Honda Pilot model will be able to present better changes than the previous year.

2026 Honda Pilot Review, Price and Specs

2026 Honda Pilot Review

It is intriguing to examine the most recent All-New 2026 Honda Pilot, which is the most reliable family SUV in its class. We are of the opinion that this vehicle is highly functional while driving and is capable of accommodating passengers with varying driving styles.

The Honda Pilot 2026 is a three-row SUV that is exceptionally comfortable to operate in the American automotive market segment, as it is classified as its segment.

In fact, numerous SUV models in this category surpass the Honda Pilot in terms of driving dynamics and convenience. In spite of this, we are particularly fond of the Honda model’s spacious and comfortable interior.

Additionally, there is an abundance of strategies to select from, contingent upon your requirements, the appropriate configuration of your drive, and the overall simplicity of use.

What’s new

  1. The TrailSport model boasts a fresh aesthetic and provides ample storage and space.
  2. New and consistent design
  3. A powerful acceleration
  4. An interior that is both refined and elite
  5. The Honda Pilot is an ideal family SUV featuring three cabins.

2026 Honda Pilot

2026 Honda Pilot Interior

It is anticipated that the first two rows of the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot will feature an interior design that is both practical and spacious, with storage space and visibility that exceed the norm. We are impressed by the dashboard of the all-new Honda Pilot, which features a large screen and touch menu service controls that minimize the number of buttons.

The seats are sufficiently spacious to ensure that the majority of adult passengers will have no difficulty accessing the third row. Furthermore, the second-row seats can be released with the simple press of a button, making it effortless for even children to enter and depart.

We believe that the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot can create a positive impression of indulging passengers by providing an adequate interior. The second row is wide and accommodating, with ample space for passenger footrests.

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The All-New 2026 Honda Pilot is anticipated to feature soft and dependable support seating in terms of comfort. It is designed to provide a comfortable ride without any external disturbance, as it is equipped with a smooth suspension that eliminates the majority of bumps during operation.

The 2026 Pilot is equipped with a climate system that is both powerful and readily adjustable, and the vents are strategically positioned to ensure that the passenger’s hands can easily access the airflow. This system is suitable for the Honda Pilot’s spacious cabin.


We are of the opinion that the cargo space of the 2026 Honda Pilot will undergo substantial modifications. The 2026 Pilot is undoubtedly equipped with a novel feature that is highly adaptable, and the storage capacity for tiny items is so advantageous that a significant number of enthusiasts favors it. Furthermore, the third-row seats, which can be divided in a 50/50 ratio, are highly accessible. Loading and unloading are effortless due to the elevated floor, which enables the movement of large objects in and out.

In terms of small item stowage, we anticipate that the most recent 2026 Pilot model will be among the most exceptional. The front passengers are provided with an extra-large center console tray and box, as well as a few supplementary boxes for smaller articles. Both the front and rear doors provide an abundance of trays, pockets, and cup holders for each seat, each of which can accommodate a 40-ounce water container.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that the 2026 Pilot TrailSport will feature a second-row bench seat that is equipped with a detachable center seat that can be stowed in the trunk beneath the cargo floor. This is an intriguing feature that enables users to adjust the seating arrangement to suit their daily requirements.


The All-New 2026 Honda Pilot boasts a high level of technology, and the infotainment system, which includes wireless phone connectivity, functions efficiently and is effortless to operate. However, the standard 7-inch screen and the upgraded 9-inch screen appear to be less enticing than the spacious cabin.

There are numerous charging stations, including a wireless charging device. Nevertheless, there is only one USB-C connector accessible. All other devices are of the USB-A type, which is underpowered and restricts the number of options available for laptops, tablets, and phones that support rapid charging.

2026 Honda Pilot Models

We believe that the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot EX-L model is the most preferable in the Pilot lineup and, as a result, our recommended model. This model includes a 9-inch touchscreen, leather seating, an electric trunk door, and wireless smartphone integration for an additional few thousand dollars.

Furthermore, we anticipate that the 2026 Honda Pilot model will feature a three-row SUV concept that can seat eight occupants. This concept will be available in six trim levels: Sport, EX-L, Touring, TrailSport, Elite, and Black Edition.

2026 Honda Pilot

All are equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission and a 3.5-liter V6 engine that generates 285 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive is available as an option, while front-wheel drive is the default. Except for the TrailSport, Elite, and Black Edition versions, which are equipped with all-wheel drive as standard.

Highlighted features include:

2026 Honda Pilot Sport

  • 20-inch alloy rims
  • LED lighting
  • Keyless entry and ignition are available exclusively for the front doors.
  • Second-row bench seat (eight-passenger accommodation)
  • 7-inch display
  • Smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via wired connections
    audio system with seven speakers
  • Climate control with three distinct zones
  • Power-adjustable, heated front chairs
  • The steering handle is covered in leather
  • LED fog lighting
  • Engine ignition via remote
  • Interior ambient lighting

Honda Sensing is a collection of sophisticated safety features that are standard on all Pilot models. It comprises the following:

  • Automatic emergency braking with forward collision warning (warns of an impending frontal impact and applies the brakes if the driver fails to respond in time).
  • Lane departure mitigation (automatically steers to maintain lane position and warns of a lane departure when a turn signal is not used)
  • Driver attention warning (provides an alert when sensors detect that the driver is becoming fatigued)
  • Adaptive cruise control (maintains a distance between the Honda and the vehicle in front that the driver prthe driver predeterminesystem” (implements minor steering adjustments to maintain the vehicle’s position within its lane)
  • Rear cross-traffic warning with blind-spot warning (which alerts you if a car is in your blind spot during a lane change or while in reverse)

2026 Honda Pilot EX-L

  • 9-inch touchscreen for informational purposes
  • A 12-volt power outlet is located in the cargo compartment.
  • Upholstery made of leather
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Nine-speaker audio system Wireless device adapter
  • Satellite radio USB outlet in the third row
  • CabinTalk, an in-cabin communications system
  • Memory configurations for the driver’s seat and mirrors in two positions
  • Sunshades for the rear doors
  • Acoustic-glass windshield
  • Electric liftgate
  • Powerful side reflectors that are heated

2026 Honda Pilot TrailSport

  • Conventional all-wheel drive
  • All-terrain tires mounted on 18-inch rims
  • A spare tire that is full-sized
  • Suspension that has been optimized for off-road use, featuring an elevated ground clearance
  • Front grille in gloss black
  • Upholstery made of synthetic leather with orange embroidery
  • Surround-view camera system (provides a top-down view of the Pilot and its environs in tight parking and off-road situations)
  • Stability management system for off-road vehicles
  • Underbody skid shields
  • Class III trailer attachment
  • Panoramic roof
  • Recovery attachments for off-road vehicles
  • A windshield that is heated
  • The second row contains a household-style electrical outlet.
  • Steering handle that is heated
  • Second-row captain’s chairs (seven-passenger capacity)

2026 Honda Pilot Touring

  • 20-inch wheels Standard all-wheel drive
  • Power tailgate that operates without the need for a hand
  • All entrances are equipped with keyless entry.
  • Front windows that reduce noise
  • Second-row bench seat with a central seat that is both removable and stowable
  • Navigation system Bose audio system with 12 speakers
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Tailgate with automatic closure and hands-free operation

2026 Honda Pilot Elite

  • 10.2-inch digital instrument array
  • Surround-view camera system (provides a top-down view of the Pilot and its environs in tight parking and off-road situations)
  • Head-up display (displays critical information in your line of sight on the windshield)
  • A windshield that is heated
  • Steering handle that is heated
  • Second-row seats that are heated on the outside
  • Power receptacle that is designed for domestic use
  • Front chairs that are ventilated
  • Windshield sprinklers that detect precipitation

2026 Honda Pilot Black Edition

  • 20-inch gloss-black rims
  • Interior and exterior ornamentation that is exclusive

2026 Honda Pilot Trim

The 2026 Honda Pilot EX-L appears to be the most well-balanced trim model in terms of price and features. In our experience, this trim contains a power tailgate, wireless smartphone charging, a larger 9.0-inch interface, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and leather upholstery.

Furthermore, all-wheel drive is an option that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, and the resulting increased towing capacity is well worth the investment.

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2026 Honda Pilot MPG

We have observed that the previous Honda Pilot model was highly dependable in terms of MPG. We anticipate that the 2026 Honda Pilot will continue to be efficient and reliable, with an EPA-estimated value of 18 MPG in the city and 23 MPG on the interstate. The all-wheel-drive TrailSport model achieves a combined fuel economy of up to 22 mpg, while front-wheel-drive models achieve the same.

2026 Honda Pilot Engine

We anticipate that the 2026 Honda Pilot will be enhanced by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that generates 285 horsepower and is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The Honda Pilot is a highly refined machine that is operated with front-wheel drive (FWD) as the primary option, while all-wheel drive (AWD) is optional, thanks to its engine and acceleration.

Therefore, there is no dispute regarding the fact that the 2026 Honda Pilot is a comfortable SUV that provides a seamless driving experience on the road.


We are genuinely impressed by the engine performance of the Honda Pilot, which is fitted with a V6 engine that produces a powerful sound when the accelerator is depressed. For the Honda TrailSport model, the engine accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds. The transmission is exceptional for urban travel.

In terms of off-roading requirements, we believe that the Honda Pilot TrailSport Crossover model with three rows is both reliable and suitable. This is due to the extra ground clearance, which results in a clear and lightweight vehicle. It is dependable on all off-road terrains when combined with the All Wheel Drive (AWD).

The Honda Pilot has been upgraded with traction enhancements that are anticipated to function effectively on slippery or snowy roadways. Additionally, the system can redistribute the V6’s power, thereby increasing the Pilot’s agility during cornering.

We earnestly anticipate that the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot will further demonstrate its unwavering performance. In particular, in all the areas that distinguish it as a leader in its field.

2026 Honda Pilot Colors

The 2026 Honda Pilot model will feature a variety of captivating color options, including:

  1. Crystal Black Pearl.
  2. Diffused Sky Blue Pearl.
  3. Lunar Silver Metallic.
  4. Modern Steel Metallic.
  5. Obsidian Blue Pearl.
  6. Platinum White Pearl.
  7. Radiant Red Metallic ll.
  8. Sonic Gray Pearl.

2026 Honda Pilot Competitor

The 2026 Honda Pilot is facing an increasingly competitive market due to the proliferation of SUV variants. The Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Toyota Grand Highlander, Volkswagen Atlas, and Mazda CX-90 are among them.

Every one of them has its own set of benefits, including spacious garages, immersive driving experiences, reliable technology features, and comfortable accommodations that surpass the Honda Pilot.

2026 Honda Pilot Price

We anticipate a modest increase in price from the previous model year. The estimated cost of the 2026 Honda Pilot is $42,295 and may increase to $56,675.

2026 Honda Pilot Release Date

Honda authorities have yet to provide us with an official release schedule. Nevertheless, we anticipate that the release schedule will be delivered to the showroom in your city in early 2026.

2026 Honda Pilot


We are confident in the assertion that the Honda Pilot is pleasant due to the spacious and airy interior, which prioritizes passenger comfort in all rows. The Honda Pilot is also highly dependable in terms of cargo and technology, offering a plethora of comfort and utility. The interior is constructed with durable and robust plastic, which is present throughout. These are all provisional estimates that we possess. We will persist in the process of updating this information to ensure that it is as precise as feasible.

We will update the latest Honda information as soon as possible. Bookmark the Car US Release website to stay updated with the latest comprehensive 2025 Honda Pilot information.

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In the following video session, as an initial overview we quote it from the Youtube channel Adventure Is Out There where in the 17:03 second video explains the Honda Pilot is comfortable and spacious enough for passengers in the front and middle rows. However, it lags behind its class leaders in terms of third-row space and cargo space, and its technology is half a step behind. In terms of overall appeal, some competitors provide more bang for the buck.