2023 Honda Insight: Next-Gen Honda Insight Style and Efficiency Review

2023 Honda Insight continues to shuffle its model lineup as it prepares to launch a new generation of hybrid and electric vehicles. Following the Clarity plug-in hybrid sedan, the smaller Insight hybrid sedan has also stepped back.

Don’t look for it on the Honda Canada website because it doesn’t exist anymore. Dealers will now try to sell the remaining units in their lot.

Surprisingly, in the US, Honda’s compact hybrid will return in 2022. However, the extremely low sales figures do not justify keeping the car alive after three years of the third generation.

Only 415 units found a home in Canada last year, meaning the Civic sold out at about 1,000 to one. Insight did not fare any better during the first half of 2021 with sales of just 193 units.

Of course, Honda and its dealers made little effort to promote the Insight, which was made in Japan and proved more expensive to bring here than the locally produced Civic. Despite the many desirable attributes of a hybrid, few people know that hybrids exist.

Currently, the only electrified model remaining in Honda Canada’s portfolio is the Accord Hybrid. But don’t worry, all signs suggest the company will be adding a Civic Hybrid shortly as a direct response to the Corolla Hybrid and Elantra Hybrid.

The car will surely prove to be more attractive and popular among drivers. Also, the next-generation CR-V will be launched in 2022 (as the 2023 model) and this time it looks like the hybrid variant will finally be available in Canada.

It is believed that by 2024 Honda will have its first pure electric vehicle, the Prolog SUV.

The same goes for its Acura luxury brand. Both products will later be developed powered and built with the help of General Motors. We believe you are more passionate and interesting than Honda Insight.

2023 Honda Insight Review

The Honda Insight 2023 is technically a Honda Civic with a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain positioned in the most efficient engine bay.

2023 Honda Insight

The 2023 Insight returns over 50 mpg in a mix of city and highway driving all in all while delivering Civic-inspired levels of agility and ride comfort along the way.

Just some of the same cars offer the same level of fuel economy you get in the Insight like the Toyota Prius and Corolla Hybrid.

Honda Insight comes with a sedan body style that is relatively disguised. We’re just saying worse because the hatchback will add an extra level of utility and increase cargo space.

But the Honda Insight 2023 offers plenty of stretch passenger space for an adult in the front or seat and about 15 cubic feet of luggage volume. The rear seats can also be folded to 60/40 for added convenience in carrying cargo.

With the makeover of the Honda Civic recently undergoing a complete redesign, it’s very likely the 2023 Insight will benefit from a ground-up makeover of its own.

As far as we’re concerned the Honda Insight delivers a smoother ride, better powertrain sound management.

Everything has to do with the powertrain and significant gains in fuel economy remain to be seen. The 1.5-liter 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain could be carried over to the new Insight or Honda might opt for a version of this engine with the addition of an electric-only driving range.

It’s also possible that the 2023 Insight could adopt the body style of the available Civic hatchback or even omit the Insight name altogether and be badged as a Civic Hybrid.

And we’re sure to get more details closer to the arrival of the next Insight later this year, so stay tuned for lots of updates.

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2023 Honda Insight Hybrid

Last summer, Honda confirmed to Automotive News Europe that the current-generation Civic would be available in European markets with one option: only as a hybrid.

Debuting, the 2022 Honda Civic Hybrid, officially called the e:HEV (hybrid electric vehicle), arrives in the fall and will be offered in a hatchback body style only. While the e:HEV uses the same platform as the Civic model in the US, it won’t be coming here.

The Honda Civic Hybrid’s powertrain consists of a new 72-cell lithium-ion battery and two compact electric motors paired to an updated 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle engine. The ring combines output at 181 hp and 232 lb-ft of torque.

The main driving force for the hybridized Civic comes from the two electric motors, which only means a smoother, quieter ride quality.

Honda says its internal combustion engine has an improved architecture that helps it achieve a thermal efficiency of 41 percent, one of the highest in the industry for a production model.

Other upgraded components include a new power control unit and an updated smart power unit; the latter is smaller and lighter, benefiting from increased energy density.

This system provides instant torque and powerful acceleration without sacrificing efficiency, as stated by the Japanese automaker.

At the heart of the e:HEV system is a fixed gear transmission designed to reduce friction, and controlled by a power control unit. Depending on the driving situation, it optimizes the vehicle to adapt.

Without any input from the driver, the powertrain can seamlessly switch between EV, Hybrid, and Engine drives.

Lastly, there are four driving modes available: Eco, Normal, Sport, and Individual, with the latter being a new mode that allows for customizing engine, transmission, and instrument cluster settings.

As Honda maps out its plans for an all-electric future, the new Civic e:HEV hatchback marks the end of its electric car lineup in Europe.

While Honda says the Civic hybrid won’t be available in the United States, it hasn’t made an official statement on whether a hybrid powertrain based on this will come to Civic models in America, where the Civic e:HEV could replace the Insight compact sedan.

Perhaps the Civic hybrid would be better off with a more popular model name, given that Honda only sold 18,685 Insights in 2021.

2023 Honda Insight Price

We expect the base version of the Honda Insight 2023 to have a starting price of around $26,000 when it goes on sale.

2023 Honda Insight

Of course, as we’ve already mentioned, the Insight name itself can be ditched for something as simple as the Civic Hybrid.

At the top, Insight 2023 (or whatever you want to call it!) should be around $30,000.

Honda Insight 2023 Release Date

So far, there has been no official information from Honda about when the 2023 Honda Insight will be on the market.

However, we will continue to update the latest information on this website. Make sure you stay with us.