2022 Honda Fit: All-New Honda Fit Redesign, Specs, Price and Release Date

2022 Honda Fit

2022 Honda FIT the current Honda Fit debuted in 2015. While the 2022 Honda FIT USA isn’t necessarily old, its segment has passed, so it had to be redesigned. The current Honda Fit was cutting-edge when it arrived in 2015 with designs such as a sharp wedge, protruding grille and headlamps, scalloped doors, and a … Read more

2022 Honda CRV: All-New 2022 Honda CR-V Redesign, Everything We Know So Far

2022 Honda CRV interestingly the compact SUV class is one of the most competitive and busiest segments in the automotive world, and it takes a lot for one crossover to rise above the others. But that’s what happened with the Honda CR-V. At a minimum, a compact crossover must offer a large enough cargo area … Read more

2023 Honda Accord: Everything We Know So Far

2023 Honda Accord In the shrinking family sedan segment, there are still a few great cars to choose from, but one of them stands out above the rest for impeccable driving dynamics, practical interior, and value: the Honda Accord 2023. We were so impressed with the Accord that it became a fixture that is almost … Read more

2022 Honda Odyssey Redesign: Next-Gen Honda Odyssey Redesign Looks Like

2022 Honda Odyssey Redesign Here it is Honda’s fifth-generation 2022 Odyssey that has been running in Australian showrooms for nearly six years, but when will the brand confirm a new-man drive? A new report from the Japanese publication Best Car Web suggests that the next-generation Odyssey may be in jeopardy as sales shrink and consumer … Read more

2023 Honda Civic: The Current Evolution Preview

2023 Honda Civic We are excited about the 2023 Honda Civic expected in 2023 for the earliest 2023 model year, the next Civic Type R is currently in development. Spied on numerous occasions with head-to-toe camouflage, the next generation hot hatch has also been crafted with great attention to detail. Judging from the detailed courtesy of … Read more

2023 Honda CRV: All-New Redesign CRV Preview

2023 Honda CRV Utility vehicles are hugely popular these days, beating auto sales by almost 2: 1. So it makes sense in our second blog in a series on how automakers can meet the 2025 standard to focus on one of the best-selling utility vehicles on the market, the Honda CR-V. While sales this year … Read more

2022 Honda Ridgeline: Will Next-Gen Honda Ridgeline Looks Like This

2022 Honda Ridgeline: Will Next-Gen Honda Ridgeline Looks Like This 2022 Honda Ridgeline The Honda Ridgeline is unique in its use of unibody construction, unlike the body-on-frame backbone that every other pickup truck uses. The unconventional layout carries its pros and cons, but the result is clear: the Ridgeline is our favorite mid-range pickup. The … Read more

2022 Honda Civic Si: New Honda Civic Si Preview, Specs, Price and Release Date

2022 Honda Civic Si: New Honda Civic Si Preview, Specs, Price and Release Date 2022 Honda Civic Si  The presence of the 2022 Honda Civis Si is a hot topic of conversation this year. In the past year Honda announced changes to its lineup for 2021, some of which we had expected for a long … Read more

2022 Honda Passport Changes: All-New Honda Passport Redesign, Specs and Price

2022 Honda Passport Changes: All-New Honda Passport Redesign, Specs, and Price 2022 Honda Passport Changes In 2019, Honda revived the Passport as a new two-line crossover based on the current generation three-line Honda Pilot. With this resurrected nameplate just entering its third model year, we hope it will hit showrooms as a built-in model. As … Read more

Honda HRV 2022: All-New Redesign Honda HRV Looks Like

Honda HRV 2022 Small SUVs are in vogue, and while we saw most buyers opting for them for their stylish exterior or active lifestyle image, some offerings – such as the Honda HR-V 2021 – also offer surprising practicality. Given that Honda will discontinue the Fit hatchback after the 2020 model year, the HR-V will … Read more

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