2023 Honda Insight: Next-Gen Honda Insight Style and Efficiency Review

2023 Honda Insight is a good sedan-class vehicle in the hybrid class. However, it was reported by Carscoops that Honda will end production of the Insight hybrid sedan this summer. This action was taken in preparation for the arrival of a fleet of new gasoline-electric cars including the Civic Hybrid. This information was also written by Robert Duffer, one of Thecarconnection’s Senior Editors who said Honda will stop production of the Insight hybrid sedan in June and start upgrading hybrid variants of the 2023 CR-V compact crossover and 2023 Accord mid-size sedan this year.

So far the third-generation Insight has had modest but steady sales of about 18,000 units per year. Sales declined in the first quarter of 2022 amid a tidal wave of plug-in hybrid and electric models.

We will certainly miss Honda’s slick hybrids by an order of magnitude with not-too-high prices and good powertrains and reliable features.

The 2023 Honda Insight is a comfortable sedan with a high mpg rating and a comfortable interior. The Insight is also often called a spiritual Civic hybrid because it is shaped in a similar size and shape to Honda’s compact sedan.

2023 Honda Insight Review

Honda Insight has come up with quiet at low speeds and delivers better mpg, so important aspects are also presented including a comfortable ride, pleasant interior, and accurate steering.

The 2023 Honda Insight is expected to continue to come with two trims EX and Touring upgraded better than ever.

  • Strong fuel economy
  • Fast acceleration for a hybrid
  • Smooth and roomy interior

2023 Honda Insight

2023 Honda Insight Specs

The 2023 Honda Insight with electric motor feels torquey around town and delivers smooth and responsive acceleration. With 8.1 seconds to 0-60 mph it is quick among hybrids and the steering is precise.

2023 Honda Insight Interior

The 2023 Honda Insight is packed with luxury features with a premium interior design and customizable digital gauges on the instrument panel that can display a variety of information ranging from fuel economy data to speed limit info.

The 2023 Insight is equipped with a rear seat with plenty of room for two adults. The seats are comfortable with medium-firm foam and enough contour to provide support on long journeys.

There is a bit of jiggle when driving over bumps in the road, but single-wheel impacts and smaller road textures are harassed deftly.

The Insight’s battery pack is located under the rear seats so it doesn’t compromise cargo capacity at all with the rear seats still mostly folded flat to accommodate larger items.

The 2023 Honda Insight has a very useful and configurable center console that can hold a lot of personal items.

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Infotainment and Connectivity

The 2023 Honda Insight is equipped with an infotainment system that incorporates a large modern and usable interface. The standard touchscreen measures 8.0 inches and has features including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration as well as available built-in navigation.

2023 Honda Insight Engine

The 2023 Honda Insight accelerates better than most hybrids in balancing nimble acceleration with fuel economy. The combination of the gas engine and the electric motor produces a combined 151 horsepower, which moves the Insight from zero to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds.

The electric motor can run for about a mile at lower speeds but ask for quick acceleration and the gasoline engine will work seamlessly.

The Insight is a very pleasant vehicle to drive, quiet, comfortable, and refined. The Insight has a well-controlled ride and solid handling with its supple suspension dampening bumps well, and its quick steering helps it change direction responsively.

The Insight’s predictable and progressive brake pedal suffers from a slight stiffness that plagues other hybrid brakes. The Insight’s brakes feel just as confident as a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

2023 Honda Insight Hybrid

Last summer, Honda confirmed to Automotive News Europe that the current-generation Civic would be available in European markets with one option: only as a hybrid.

Debuting, the 2022 Honda Civic Hybrid, officially called the e: HEV (hybrid electric vehicle), arrives in the fall and will be offered in a hatchback body style only. While the e: HEV uses the same platform as the Civic model in the US, it won’t be coming here.

The Honda Civic Hybrid’s powertrain consists of a new 72-cell lithium-ion battery and two compact electric motors paired to an updated 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle engine. The ring combines output at 181 hp and 232 lb-ft of torque.

The main driving force for the hybridized Civic comes from the two electric motors, which only means a smoother, quieter ride quality.

Honda says its internal combustion engine has an improved architecture that helps it achieve a thermal efficiency of 41 percent, one of the highest in the industry for a production model.

Other upgraded components include a new power control unit and an updated smart power unit; the latter is smaller and lighter, benefiting from increased energy density.

This system provides instant torque and powerful acceleration without sacrificing efficiency, as stated by the Japanese automaker.

At the heart of the e: HEV system is a fixed gear transmission designed to reduce friction, and controlled by a power control unit. Depending on the driving situation, it optimizes the vehicle to adapt.

Without any input from the driver, the powertrain can seamlessly switch between EV, Hybrid, and Engine drives.

Lastly, there are four driving modes available: Eco, Normal, Sport, and Individual, with the latter being a new mode that allows for customizing engine, transmission, and instrument cluster settings.

As Honda maps out its plans for an all-electric future, the new Civic e: HEV hatchback marks the end of its electric car lineup in Europe.

While Honda says the Civic hybrid won’t be available in the United States, it hasn’t made an official statement on whether a hybrid powertrain based on this will come to Civic models in America, where the Civic e: HEV could replace the Insight compact sedan.

Perhaps the Civic hybrid would be better off with a more popular model name, given that Honda only sold 18,685 Insights in 2021.

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2023 Honda Insight MPG

The 2023 Insight provides two EPA ratings for the Insight: 55 mpg city and 49 highway for the lighter EX trim and 51 cities and 45 highway for the better-equipped Insight Touring equipped with larger wheels and tires.

2023 Honda Insight Price

We expect the 2023 Honda Insight to start at $27,205 with good standard equipment.

Safety Features and Driver Assistance

All Insights come with a full package of driver assistance called Honda Sensing. Blind spot monitoring and traffic alerts come standard on EX and Touring models.

  • Standard front collision warning and automatic emergency braking
  • Standard lane departure warning and lane-keeping assist
  • Standard adaptive cruise control

Honda Insight 2023 Release Date

So far, there has been no official information from Honda about when the 2023 Honda Insight will be on the market.

However, we will continue to update the latest information on this website. Make sure you stay with us.


The 2023 Honda Insight emerges as a green champion, blending sustainability and style in perfect harmony. Its impressive specs, redesigned exterior, comfortable interior, electrifying engine, and appealing color options make it a compelling choice for eco-conscious drivers seeking an exceptional hybrid experience. With its affordable price tag and imminent release, the 2023 Insight is undoubtedly poised to make waves in the automotive world.

All right, we will update the latest Honda information as soon as possible. Make sure you bookmark the Car US Release website to stay updated with the latest comprehensive 2023 Honda Insight information.

People also ask Honda Insight 2023

Q: Is there going to be a 2023 Honda Insight?
A: The Civic-based Insight ends production after 2022, and Honda will focus on the hybrid version of its core model. The Honda Insight, the hybrid version of the 10th generation Civic, will end production in June 2022.

Q: Why is Honda discontinuing Insight?
A: Although introduced to the US auto market in 1999, the Prius wasn’t actually the first hybrid available – that distinction belongs to the Honda Insight, which was introduced seven months earlier. And currently, Insight has been withdrawn from the market in the US due to declining sales.

Q: What is replacing the Honda Insight?
A: An announcement from Honda on Thursday confirmed the Insight will end production in June, and a new Civic Hybrid will join the lineup “in the future.”

Q: Is the Honda Insight basically a Civic?
A: The tenth-generation Civic doesn’t offer a hybrid because the excellent Insight is there to do the job, although, ironically, the latest Insight is really just a hybridized and dressed-up Civic.

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