2022 Honda Fit: All-New Honda Fit Redesign, Specs, Price and Release Date

2022 Honda Fit: All-New Honda Fit Redesign, Specs, Price and Release Date

2022 Honda Fit the current Honda Fit debuted in 2015. While the Fit isn’t necessarily old, its segment has passed, so it had to be redesigned.

The current Honda Fit was cutting-edge when it arrived in 2015 with designs such as a sharp wedge, protruding grille and headlamps, scalloped doors, and a rear door that slopes forward.

It has slightly elevated this look over the years with the Fit Sport’s bold color choices and sportier touches.

Several markets around the world have received the redesigned Honda Fit, but there is some uncertainty over whether the US market will accept the redesigned Honda Fit 2021 or whether it will become a built-in model.

Unfortunately, Honda confirmed that the Fit will be discontinued after 2020 which means the redesign won’t make it to the US

Most people will be skeptical about the upcoming Honda Fit 2022. This hatchback has struggled with other cars in its class to prove its point.

Debuting in 2001, the Honda Fit won the prestigious Car of the Year Japan Award.

In its fourth generation, the Honda Fit features an entirely new design with upgraded interior fixtures and foundations. Let’s see how this works against its competitors.

Believe it or not, the Honda Fit has been around for about 19 years now, spanning three generations of a lifetime, which is no small feat.

But with a phase of crossover frenzy looming across the US, the big question remains whether the saying that “big things come in small packages” applies to the updated Honda Fit 2022 or not.

Despite being a compact and affordable Honda car, the Fit manages to wow its buyers with its incredible driving dynamics and value-added features that have come into effect since the 2007 update.

The third-generation Honda Fit was launched in 2015, with better build quality compared to its predecessor, adding to the comfort and better cabin materials.

The 2020 Honda Fit is part of the third generation Fit introduced for 2015.

2022 Honda Fit Redesign

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The Honda Fit 2022 is expected to be significantly upgraded during the Fit 2020 model. Unlike the 2020 Honda Fit which received slight exterior and interior changes from its predecessor, the Fit 2022 should be redesigned for better aerodynamics and performance with slightly sportier design bits.

As per some speculation, the upcoming Fit hatchback will add more convenience features for price-conscious buyers.

Since the Honda Fit has always been known for its wide interior and cargo space, this new model will also profitably carry the same thing. Furthermore, on the powertrain front, the hybrid version will borrow its powertrain from the new Honda Insight.

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On the 2020 Fit, we saw the EX trim drop the manual transmission along with integrated navigation. The fourth-generation Honda Fit is currently making its debut at the 46th Tokyo Auto Show. It was launched in Japan in February 2020 and went on sale with five trim levels.

In America, the Honda Fit has defined itself as a resourceful vehicle with good cabin space given its small exterior footprint. There’s been speculation and rumors circulating the Honda Fit 2022 city for a while now, but it’s enough hype to rival the likes of the Toyota Yaris, Chevrolet Sonic, and Kia Rio.

So we’ll take a closer look at what to expect from the upcoming Fit.

2022 Honda Fit Exterior

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Honda will redesign the Fit 2022 for obvious reasons. It is estimated that the Fit 2022 will feature a lot of changes to the exterior compared to the 2020 model, but the major changes it will bring are still not entirely clear.

The highly disguised spy shot 2022 Fit does reveal some secrets. The Fit 2022 appears to have a new and wider grille. The Honda Fit 2022 features LED headlamps with rounded DRLs which make it appear more futuristic and attractive. The front fascia looks more compact than the Honda model.

In the center, there is still a distinctive Honda emblem that maintains the spectacular appearance of the Fit hatchback’s front profile. The front grille looks like a single strip that holds the headlights together linearly.

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Moving to the bottom, you will see a black insert with large vents on both sides. The rear is where we expect to see major changes, with Honda ditching the verticle taillights for a much more prominent horizontal look giving it a slightly aggressive look.

The side and rear profiles come with a design philosophy similar to the previous model. The Fit dimensions have been modified in the 2015 update, the 2022 Model Fit is likely to continue the same. The rear doors and bumpers are no stranger to what we saw on the 2020 Fit models.

Compared to the Honda Fit, Kia Rio offers the longest wheelbase. We expect the 2022 model year to have a more manageable curb weight than the previous model for better handling.

2022 Honda Fit Interior

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Most of the Honda Fit 2020 cabins will be carried forward in 2022. Just like the interior of the Honda Fit 2020, the Fit 2022 will also offer ample space in the cabin.

With the Fit, Honda has proven itself in value-added offerings and equipment. The new Fit will also have leather seats introduced in 2020 as well to provide maximum comfort to passengers.

The Honda Fit interior allows maximum space despite the compact exterior dimensions, thanks to Honda’s rear Magic Seats. This arrangement facilitates better space throughout the cabin along with a flat floor.

The upcoming Honda Fit will feature upgraded materials and technology compared to the previous model. We expect the Fit 2022 to be more luxurious and premium among its competitors.

Cargo capacity on the 2020 Honda Fit is stated at 16.6 cu.ft, which we believe will increase in the 2022 model.

The new Fit will feature a front seat design based on Honda’s premium sedan offering. Honda claims that the seats will be comfortable for long journeys, offering passengers better stability during the ride.

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The rear seats will continue to offer functional and thicker cushions for the best passenger comfort.

The current Honda Fit’s basic trim level comes with an LCD screen. As you head for the higher trim levels, from the Sport variant onwards, you’ll get a 7-inch touchscreen display, giving the hatchback a more modern technological appeal.

However, it seems out of date when compared to the equipment offered by rivals such as the Chevy Sonic and Kia Rio.

With the 2022 update, and also resonating with other recent cars in Honda’s lineup, the Honda Fit is expected to be equipped with a 7-inch infotainment screen floating in the center.

Honda will reduce the number of buttons in the cabin to make it look more premium and minimalist. Most hatchback buyers still prefer buttons and knobs over the latest touchpads, simply for retro appeal.

Some of the infotainment features included in the Honda Fit 2022 are-

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • HondaLink
  • SiriusXM Radio
  • Pandora compatibility
  • 1.5-Amp USB Smartphone Interface
  • 6-speaker premium audio system

2022 Honda Fit Engine

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Aiming for a greener future, the Honda Fit 2022 is expected to bring hybrid engine options along with the gas-powered version of the Fit. Honda claims the dual-motor hybrid system will make the Fit more economical than the petrol version.

If reports are to be believed, the Fit Hybrid will consist of a 1.5L inline 4 engine paired with a 96 kW electric motor with 130 horsepower and 114-pound feet of torque.

The engine is synchronized with a CVT transmission. The new Fit will be optimized for the everyday rides that consumers investing in this segment desire.

When the Honda Fit emerges as a beautiful city car, turning it into an electric or hybrid car is sure to bring more glory to fuel-efficiency conscious buyers.

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Compared to the 2020 Honda Fit which comes with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that sends power to the front wheels, the new Fit engine is aimed at providing better performance.

We are still unsure about the exact engine package that will be introduced in the United States and if further reports are to be believed, likely, a fully electric model could also be blessed for 2022.

In terms of CVT acceleration it might prove to be a constraint, the Honda Fit 2020 did a sprint from 0-60 MPH in 8.6 seconds which is slow but tolerable. The same statistics are said to be passed on.

The Honda Fit 2022 is expected to compete with Chevy Sonic in terms of price. On the power front, the Honda Fit is already more powerful than most of its competitors and with this expected and the possibility of an upgrade to the turbocharged engine, it might approach more prominent competitors.

2022 Honda Fit Price and Release Date

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With safety prowess being one of the main factors looking for in a car, the leading car manufacturers around the world are inspired enough to offer the latest in their driver-assist technology.

Honda is at the forefront of these major changes, and the new Fit 2022 also enjoys that privilege. Honda made sure to equip the Fit 2022 with all the major active and passive safety technologies to keep passengers safe on all accounts.

And because of that, the 2020 Honda Fit is also equipped with safety technology and is rated a perfect 5-star 5 from the NHTSA, which speaks volumes about the carmaker’s persistence to prove their point in this aspect. The 2022 model year is expected to pass the same score.

Some of the safety features included in the Honda Fit 2022 are-

  • Honda Lane Wach
  • Road departure mitigation system
  • Multi-reflector halogen headlamps with auto on / off
  • Security system with remote entry
  • Advanced Compatibility Engineered body structure
  • Collision mitigation braking system
  • Adaptive cruise control

Since 2022 the Honda Fit or also known as the Honda Jazz has been sold in Japan starting February 2020. Maybe the company plans to start the first phase of sales in Asia first.

Europe needs summer 2020 to taste the new Fit. Also, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some markets have had to experience delivery delay scenarios. So with that in mind, the new Honda Fit 2022 will be available at US dealerships by fall 2020.

The Honda Fit 2022 is expected to come in an attractive price range of between $ 17,200- $ 21,800 or thereabouts. In comparison, the 2020 Honda Fit is offered in four trim levels: LX, Sport, EX, and EX-L.

All-Fit trim levels are powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine running the front wheels. The Honda Fit 2022 will see extra trim levels added and Fit 2022 will see a slight increase in price compared to the 2020 fashion year.

Moreover, this competitive price has made the Honda Fit closer to rivals such as the Toyota Yaris and Chevy Sonic.

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