2022 Honda Accord Sport: New Accord Sport Redesign Preview

2022 Honda Accord Sport: New Accord Sport Redesign Preview

2022 Honda Accord Sport the Honda Accord is an excellent all-round midsize sedan. It’s pretty common too, and while the Accord is pretty cute to drive, the sportier version you can buy (named after, um, “Sport”) isn’t a BMW-chaser.

Instead, the Accord Sport takes a visual appearance and opens up the only manual transmission option available.

So, what would a harsher Accord look like? We envision something like this, a 350-hp-plus Honda Accord Type R. Interested?

We don’t know whether Honda is working on an Accord Type R like that or not, and a company spokesperson is evasive on comments. Most likely, no – but let us explain why Honda had to work on it.

The Honda fan club is a strong group, and, like the rest of us, they are aging.

That means their automotive needs will grow beyond Honda’s dwindling supply of fig leaf for driving enthusiasts, which now includes only the Si and Type R models of the Civic’s compact lineup.

No one wants to grow up and abandon the fun, however, so the Accord Type R will give Honda die-hards a performance model to step up to when the time comes to put down the wild-winged, flashy, and slamming Civic Type R. S2000 roadsters.

Also, the Accord Type R would be a product that Honda could easily produce.

The company already has most of the components needed to transform the Accord, said Doug Macmillan, co-founder of Honda tuners Hondata.

The outfit offered a range of affordable engine computer tweaks for the Civic and Accord, and thus experienced in what Honda was capable of, in terms of power.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Exterior

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The Accord has never been the best looking sedan in its segment, however, with the 2018 refresh, it’s getting closer to being one. The Honda Accord 2021 is expected to look the same as the current model.

There may be some enhancements being made here and there, just to give a fresh feeling, but we ask you not to get your hopes up.

The Accord 2021 is expected to carry the same “waterfall” all-LED headlamps from the previous year’s model. Adding to this effect is an eye-catching front grille with a glossy chrome finish.

On the sides, the gently sloping C-pillars blend neatly into the trunk, extending the Sportback-Esque profile to the audience.

At the rear, everything is summed up with beautifully crafted taillights that slip into the side profile of the car.

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In terms of dimensions, the Honda Accord 2021 should be the same size and appearance as the previous year’s model, if not more.

The luxurious dimensions translate to an equally brutal presence on the road and the spacious cabins too. The Honda Accord 2021 is expected to be like that, showcasing some of the most luxurious dimensions of all.

The Ford Fusion is indeed the larger sedan, but its curbside weight and fuel-efficient engine are too much of a compromise for the extra few inches of length.

The Nissan Altima’s low roofline translates to a narrow seating posture, which can be uncomfortable for tall passengers.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Interior

If you’re happy with some of the new upgrades to the Honda Accord 2021, we don’t want to let you down, but we won’t.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem. The excellent ride quality and comfortable interior are the main reasons behind the leading sales figures in the Accord class.

Therefore, even if the 2021 Accord remains unchanged, it will still be one of the best cabins in the competition.

The Accord seats will also be the same, with artificial leather seats on the bottom and leather uppers. Power, heating, and ventilation adjustment features will be part of the package.

Dual-zone climate control has always worked well on the 2020 models even on the hottest days. Expect the Honda Accord 2021 to be just as capable, if not more.

As seen in the 2020 model, the Honda Accord 2021 is expected to stick to the same 7.0-inch High Definition Touchscreen system that will be offered as standard across all trims.

However, the list of features associated with this infotainment swells as you move up to higher trim levels.

We hope that features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will be offered as standard for the 2021 model year, as the world continues to expect those features in almost all cars today.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Engine

Doug immediately abandoned our assumption that the Honda Accord Type R would only borrow the Civic Type R’s current 306-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

Although the engine should and isn’t properly installed, given how loosely it is related to the optional 252-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder Accord, Doug says the sensor and computer package is German.

Thanks to the Euro market for driving the development of the Civic Hi-PO. The American made Accord has Japanese wiring harness in stock.

Therefore, surprisingly, the German-speaking Type R machine did not work well with the Japanese Accord computer, we were told, and any attempt to build one would be very time consuming and costly.

As Doug told us, “it’s much, much easier to plug in a Civic Type R turbo and other fast pieces and get out of there.”

Skipping the Civic Type R engine, it seems like the path Honda took in creating the Accord Type R if you want to undertake such a project.

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As per Hondata, running a computer setup (and premium fuel – the stock Accord recommends regular as a minimum grade) and installing a Civic Type R turbocharger instead of the stock unit nets an extra 60 horsepower from the Accord’s 2.0T engine.

It brings the output up to about 312 horsepower; go nuts with bolts in and out, and there’s a lot more strength to be found.

Doug says he’s seen one seriously modified Accord 2.0T engine with flexible fuel capabilities able to run higher gasoline-ethanol blends laying over 400 horses.

Turn insanely into levels the dealer can sell and guarantee, and you.

Of course, to get the full Honda Type R badge the Accord needs some additional visual hiss (as you can see in our exclusive rendering here) plus suspension, tire, and brake upgrades.

We beg Honda to stick with the Accord Sport’s optional six-speed manual transmission, although Doug of Hondata notes that their modified Accord is faster when equipped with the available 10-speed automatic.

2022 Honda Accord Sport MPG

Since there won’t be any significant changes to the Honda Accord 2021 powertrains, the MPG numbers shouldn’t be affected too much.

That said, a manual-equipped Honda Accord 2021 1.5L, 6-speed should produce 26 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway.

If you go for the fuel-friendly CVT gearbox, the figure goes up to 30 MPG in the city and 38 MPG on the road, which is very impressive for a sedan coming from this segment.

The fuel-efficient 2.0L unit can also be mated to two different gearboxes, as previously discussed.

The 2.0L Honda Accord equipped with a 6-speed manual should fit 22 MPG in the city and 32 MPG on the road.

Even if you choose the 10-speed automatic, these numbers are not too affected, it’s different from the CVT unit.

That said, the Accord’s 14.8-gallon fuel tank is quite preferable for long journeys, translating to a combined overall range of 488 miles.

The Honda Accord has always been one of the most creative competitors in this segment whenever fuel economy is a matter of discussion.

However, the next bet – the Toyota Camry, is suddenly gaining traction here as it is the most economical vehicle in its segment if you spend more time on the road in particular.

The Ford Fusion takes another beating in the fuel economy department as it is equipped with the most fuel-hungry motor under the hood.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Price

Imagine a price tag of around $ 40,000 for this potential sports sedan with the Honda badge, as long as Honda listens and gets to work on building it. Do it, by the way, Honda.

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